1913 - 2013
Bruno Leoni (Ancona 1913–Turin 1967) was the most consistent and original thinker in the Italian classical liberal tradition of the 20th century. For a long time, he was more valued and known abroad—particularly in the U.S.—than in Italy. Since the Nineties, however, the author of Freedom and the Law has been brought back to the attention of his countrymen and the significance of his work is being gradually appreciated in his home country.
IBL, dedicated to the memory of this star of first magnitude in the liberal and libertarian universe, is committed to the promotion and the popularization of Leoni's thinking, re-publishing his books and essays, translating his work in foreign languages and supporting research and monographs.
This website—besides being a homage to this great thinker—is meant as a handy tool for whoever—scholar or layman—is interested in Leoni's thinking, providing a detailed bibliography of his works, publishing articles and essays and offering a sketch of the life of Bruno Leoni.

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