1913 - 2013
"This month is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bruno Leoni, one of the most penetrating political thinkers of the post-World War Two era [...]"
di James Bovard 
29 April 2013
The influential 20th-century Italian philosopher knew that the rule of law is nothing but the rule of men under another name.
di Alberto Mingardi
The Wall Street Journal, 25 April 2013
di Serena Sileoni
Il Foglio, 29 April 2013
di Carlo Lottieri 
Il Giornale, 26 April 2013
di Carlo Lottieri 
Istituto Bruno Leoni, 26 Aprile 2013
("Liberalism According to Bruno Leoni")
by Tiziano Buzzacchera
L’Indipendente, 17 July 2006
("The Thought of Bruno Leoni: An Antidote to the State")
Review of the Essay by Carlo Lottieri on the Thought of Bruno Leoni
by Luigi Marco Bassani
Istituto Bruno Leoni, 16 giugno 2006
("New Books on Free-Market, Liberal, and Libertarian Issues")
by Marco Bertoncini
L’Opinione, 20 May 2006
("Review of the French edition of ?Liberty and the Law'")
par Drieu Godefridi
Institut Hayek, 14 March 2006
("Improving Knowledge Through the Study of Einaudi and Leoni")
by Alessandro Marchetti
L'Opinione, 29 December 2005
("Notes on the Role of the Judge in the Legal Thought of Hayek and Leoni")
by Mauro Grondona
Istituto Bruno Leoni, Rothbard Seminar, 20 June 2005
L'autore de "La libertà e la legge" fianco a fianco con Bastiat, Burke, Cobden, Locke, Smith
("Leoni in the 'Online Library of Liberty.' The Author of 'Liberty and the Law' in the Company of Bastiat, Burke, Cobden, Locke and Smith")
Istituto Bruno Leoni, 29 August 2004
Le "lezioni" sullo Stato e sulla filosofia del diritto
("Individualism and Liberalism in the Thought of Bruno Leoni. Lectures on the State and the Philosophy of Law")
by Marco Gatto
Rnotes, October 2004
("Bruno Leoni and the Notion of Trustful Judge")
by Mauro Grondona
Nuova Giurisprudenza Ligure, n.2, 2004
("Law as Claim")
Review of a new anthology of writings by Bruno Leoni
by Mauro Grondona
Nuova Giurisprudenza Ligure
An essay by Friedrich A. von Hayek, 1968
The recollections of a fellow liberal scholar and friend
Originally appeared on Il Politico and later republished on Ideazione, October-November 2004
("Bruno Leoni, Italian Libertarian")
by Carlo Lottieri
These three articles were published on the daily L'Indipendente, 9 September 2004

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