1913 - 2013
La libertà e la legge, with an Introduction by Raimondo Cubeddu, Macerata, Liberilibri, 1995 (1961). Traduzione di Freedom and the Law edited by Mariachiara Pievatolo. (available on Internetbookshop, Amazon)

Le pretese e i poteri: le radici individuali del diritto e della politica, ["Claims and Law: the Individual Roots of Law and Politics"] with an Introduction by Mario Stoppino, Milano, Società Aperta, 1997 (Amazon)

La sovranità del consumatore, ["The Sovereignty of the Consumer"] with an Introduction by Sergio Ricossa, Roma, Ideazione, 1997. (available on Internetbookshop, BOL Italia, , Amazon)

Lezioni di filosofia del diritto, ["Lectures on the Philosophy of Law"] edited by Carlo Lottieri, Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino, 2003 (1959) . (available on Internetbookshop, BOL Italia , Amazon)

La libertà del lavoro, ["Free Labor"] edited by Carlo Lottieri, IBL series “Diritto, Mercato, Libertà”, Treviglio – Soneria Mannelli, Leonardo Facco – Rubbettino, 2004. (available on Internetbookshop, BOL Italia, Leonardo Facco Editore , Amazon)

Lezioni di dottrina dello Stato, ["Lectures on the Theory of the State"] edited by Raffaele De Mucci & Lorenzo Infantino, Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino, 2004 (1957). (available on Internetbookshop, BOL Italia , Amazon)

Il diritto come pretesa individuale, ["Right as Individual Claim"] edited by Antonio Masala with an Introduction by Mauro Barberis, Macerata, Liberilibri, 2005. (available on Internetbookshop , Amazon)
Freedom and the Law, Expanded Third Edition, Foreword by A. Kemp, Indianapolis, Liberty Fund, 1991. Followed by an Appendix titled The Law and Politics, including a number of essays previsously published on academic journals and a further essay titled Law and Economy in the Making, based on a lecture held in the Freedom School Phrontistery in Colorado Springs in December 1963. This edition is available online in the Liberty Fund website. Also available on Amazon.co.uk)
La libertad y la ley (translation of Freedom and the Law), Madrid, Unión Editorial, 1974.
La liberté et le droit (translation of Freedom and the Law), Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2005. Translated by Charlotte Philippe, with an Introduction by Carlo Lottieri. (available on Amazon.fr)
A German translation of Freedom and the Law is forthcoming.
An anthology in Czech of several essays by Bruno Leoni, including Freedom and the Law, is forthcoming.

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