1913 - 2013
Opera omnia
Critical Edition in Twelve Volumes, edited by Raimondo Cubeddu, Carlo Lottieri and Antonio Masala 
In the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Bruno Leoni in 2013, his eponymous Institute will promote a critical edition in e-Book format of the entire corpus of this great scholar and thinker. The Complete Works of Bruno Leoni will be published in the next three years, making available for the first time many writings that are currently quite difficult to find, such as the book reviews published throughout the years on the journal Il Politico, or the many writings that appeared in small and little-known periodicals, that are today almost impossible to find.
IBL hopes that, after the “rediscovery” of this long-neglected thinker, a deeper and broader inquiry of his works can finally be started. This editorial effort will thus make available to scholars texts of a better quality that currently available, for accuracy and editorial care hat can become the reference point for whoever wishes to acquaint themselves the ideas of the Italian thinker.
General Index

  • Vol. I: Early Works
  • Vol. II: Lectures in Philosophy of Law (Lezioni di filosofia del diritto)
  • Vol. III: Lectures on Government and Liberty (Lezioni sullo Stato e sulla libertà)
  • Vol. IV: Essays and Writings (Theory of the Claim and Critical Appraisal of Legal Normativism)
  • Vol. V: Essays and Writings (Liberalism and History of Political Thought)
  • Vol. VI: Essays and Writings (Political Science and Theory of the State )
  • Vol. VII: Essays and Writings (Methodological Issues)
  • Vol. VIII: Essays and Writings (A Defence of Property and the Market)
  • Vol. IX: Essays and Writings (The Political Debate in Post-War Italy)
  • Vol. X: Op-Eds in Daily Newspapers
  • Vol. XI: Book Reviews 1950-1959
  • Vol. XII: Dictionary and Thematic Index
The Editors
Raimondo Cubeddu is Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Pisa. His studies embraced the Austrian School of economics and the thought of Leo Strauss. He was instrumental in the rediscovery of Bruno Leoni in Italy, encouraging the publication of the Italian translation of Freedom and the Law, published by Liberilibri with an Introduction by Professor Cubeddu himself.
Carlo Lottieri is Adjunct Professor of Doctrine of the State at the University of Siena. He is a scholar of classical liberal and libertarian thought. In 2006 published an essay on Bruno Leoni (Le ragioni del diritto [“The Reasons of Law”], Rubbettino) and later authored a number of studies on Leoni.
Antonio Masala is a Researcher in Political Philosophy at the IMT in Lucca and authored the first monograph on Bruno Leoni in 2003 (Il liberalismo di Bruno Leoni [“Bruno Leoni’s Liberalism”], Rubbettino). His research focuses on the 20th century liberalism and he edited

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